Curtain cleaning
and sanitization services

Biosanitized offers specialized, affordable and safe cleaning and sanitization services in curtains, residential, commercial and industrial that eliminate stains, bed bugs, germs, viruses, pathogens and harmful bacteria.

Medical grade sanitizing


Curtain cleaning and sanitization services in Georgia

Biosanitized is the industry specialist in prevention, cleaning, sanitization, curtain disinfection, we use exclusive techniques and hospital-grade products safely and efficiently, with EPA-registered industrial strength disinfectants with a broad spectrum elimination rate.

Biosanitized will clean and sanitize your curtain with perfection

Experienced and specialized team

Professional and experienced team ready to help you with your prevention, disinfection and sanitary goals.

100% safe products and methods

All our products are EPA certified, non-toxic, noncorrosive, safe for humans, pets and the environment.

Easy booking, fast service

Make an estimate, define your schedule and make your appointment. Then let's do the rest.

Best equipment and products

We use state-of-the-art technology, equipment and products for all our customers.

99.9% germ elimination rate

Biosanitized is the industry leader in eliminating germs, fungi, viruses, pathogens and harmful bacteria.

Biosanitized Certificate Seal

Create trust and security with your customers who visit your facilities.

We are pioneers in the use of the exclusive biosterilizer technology with (patent pending) the world's first and only medical grade mattress and upholstery sanitizing technology using GERMICIDAL ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT (GUVL) designed specifically to inactivate and prevent bacteria and living organisms

Do you know what air you are breathing?

Curtains are often forgotten during a regular house cleaning routine, although they are the first point of contact with internal and external pollutants, impurities and allergens such as dust and pollen. The hygiene of the curtains is essential for the removal of airborne bacteria and biological contaminants that seep through and, most importantly, to help maintain a high standard of indoor air quality.

Unlike other companies, biosanitized curtain sanitization and the best deep cleaning and sanitizing process developed clinically in the U.S. Using world-leading technology, our chemical-free, dry disinfection treatment ensures that you and your family spaces are in healthy condition. We use the latest environmentally friendly disinfection technologies to eliminate all germs, viruses, odors, bacteria and fungi harmful to air and surfaces, the products we use are registered by the EPA in the hospital grade classification.

30% of the dirt on your curtain is external pollutants that come in the curtains attract many allergens and dust and spread them on the surrounding objects you should clean your curtain every 6 to 12 months

Live healthy

We offer safe, sustainable and headlthy living solutions for all areas of your home and company, including air and surfaces, using the most advanced technologies, sevices and ecological products

Healthier family

Bacteria--free environment

Increased immune system

Allergy and asthma reduction

Breathing easier

Peace of mind

We are not a conventional cleaning service - we specialize in destroying germs from the air and surface

We protect your guests and environments from bacteria, viruses, fungi, odors and infectious diseases that hide in critical areas of difficult access where standard methods fail.


What The Healthy Ones
Say About Us

Emma Scarlett


‘‘So glad l decided to go with Biosanitized, I got quotes from other companies and they were almost TWICE as expensive. Being a single working mom l needed something that worked around my busy schedule. Biosanitized came out the SAME day and did a great job!’’

Jhonny Miller


"My business was close due Covid-19 for 3 months. When we got the okay to open, I knew I had to find a reliable partner to help keep my business safe and sanitary. Biosanitized gives my customers the trust and confidence they need seeing Biosanitized Sanitary Certificate they gave me, right on my front window."