Cleaning services, disinfection and sanitization professional for agents real estate and brokers.

Biosanitized offers fast, affordable and insurance for properties currently for sale in preparation for sale or to live in.

Medical grade sanitizing


We are the evolution in sanitation and air and surface treatment

We eradicate and destroy the disease-causing germs in any environment.

Cleaning services, disinfection and cleaning the air and surfaces for real estate agents and brokers in

Impress your potential buyers! The number one recommended improvement for new listings is cleaning and sanitizing! Make your property look the best it can be. With a detailed cleaning and cleaning of the air and surfaces. Are you sure to get a good return on investment.

Biosanitized offers first-rate, specialized residential and commercial cleaning and disinfection solutions for properties currently for sale in preparation for sale or to live in.

We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of real estate agents, brokers and property managers.

Experienced and specialized team

Professional and experienced team ready to help you with your prevention, disinfection and sanitary goals.

100% safe products and methods

All our products are EPA certified, non-toxic, noncorrosive, safe for humans, pets and the environment.

Easy booking, fast service

Make an estimate, define your schedule and make your appointment. Then let's do the rest.

Best equipment and products

We use state-of-the-art technology, equipment and products for all our customers.

99.9% germ elimination rate

Biosanitized is the industry leader in eliminating germs, fungi, viruses, pathogens and harmful bacteria.

Biosanitized Certificate Seal

Create trust and security with your customers who visit your facilities.

biosanitized will clean, disinfect and sanitize your property perfectly in Atlanta.

We will work to rejuvenate your property. We use techniques and products for hospital cleaning and disinfection. Our services protect the properties of infectious agents in the air and surfaces, eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, unpleasant odors and dust, our process also helps to extend the life of devices and accessories with long-lasting antibacterial protection solutions.

what's inside that matters

As the world struggles against the effects of the new coronavirus and many other viruses and bacteria, the worry and need for cleanup only increases. Hiring a professional deep cleaning and sanitizing service before displaying it will help put customers, agents, future owners and their family at ease and in complete safety. Biosanitized is a specialist in providing air and surface sanitation, cleaning, sanitizing, sterilizing and protection, odor removal, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of air ducts, mold protection, antibacterial protection and air filtration services. contractors, developers and local builders use biosanitized.

Our cleaning and sanitizing services will help you make an excellent first impression on your potential buyers, and this can shorten your home's time on the market.

Biosanitized specializes in cleaning and disinfecting properties currently for sale in preparation for sale or for living

Biosanitized specialists are highly trained in residential and commercial cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services. Our technicians are courteous, professional and efficient. Properties that receive biosanitized treatments are certified as biosanitized. This gives future owners and occupants the peace of mind that their new property is safe from infectious agents. Get started today by requesting a free consultation. A friendly technician will give you a quote and a free demo.

Is your property truly clean and safe?

It's more important than ever to provide a proven assurance that you're doing more to make your properties safe, clean and sanitized with today's heightened awareness of impact and health and wellness concerns. Let biosanitized help you create a better environment for everyone.

Are standard cleaning services sufficient?

Your customers are paying attention to what you do to make your properties clean, sanitized and safe. They want a great experience in a clean, safe and friendly environment. Unfortunately, many properties are not really clean and healthy. Germs, bacteria, viruses, odors and superbugs may have been left behind by the former occupants, all of which may be present. We offer deep cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection and sterilization of air and surfaces, regular visits and mobile cleaning specifically for your customers. Our cleaning and sanitizing services can be the perfect congratulation gift, and your clients will remember your personal touch when recommending Realtors to their friends Biosanitized uses EPA-approved and registered hospital grade solutions to kill germs* like Coronavirus , in an innovative and non-invasive treatment process that is fast and effective.

Live healthy

We offer safe, sustainable and headlthy living solutions for all areas of your home and company, including air and surfaces, using the most advanced technologies, sevices and ecological products

Higher customer

Protect customers'

Healthier family

Bacteria--free environment

Medical grade hygiene

Brand differentiation

We are not a conventional cleaning service - we specialize in destroying germs from the air and surface

We protect your guests and environments from bacteria, viruses, fungi, odors and infectious diseases that hide in critical areas of difficult access where standard methods fail.


What The Healthy Ones
Say About Us

Emma Scarlett


‘‘So glad l decided to go with Biosanitized, I got quotes from other companies and they were almost TWICE as expensive. Being a single working mom l needed something that worked around my busy schedule. Biosanitized came out the SAME day and did a great job!’’

Jhonny Miller


"My business was close due Covid-19 for 3 months. When we got the okay to open, I knew I had to find a reliable partner to help keep my business safe and sanitary. Biosanitized gives my customers the trust and confidence they need seeing Biosanitized Sanitary Certificate they gave me, right on my front window."