Curtain Cleaning

What makes your curtain dirty?

Curtains are often overlooked during a regular house cleaning routine, although they are the first point of contact with indoor and outdoor pollutants, impurities and allergens such as dust and pollen. Hygiene of curtains is essential for the removal of airborne bacteria and biological contaminants that infiltrate them and, more importantly, to help maintain a high standard of indoor air quality.

Did you know?

30% of the dirt on your curtain is external pollutants that enter

Curtains attract a lot of allergens and dust and spread them on objects around

You should clean your curtain every 6 to 12 months


Healthier and more protected family

Increased immune system

Bacteria-free environment

Breathing easier

Peace of mind

Allergy and asthma reduction

Unlike other companies, biosanitized curtain sanitization is the best deep cleaning and sanitization process clinically developed in the USA

Using world-leading technology, our chemical-free and dry sanitation treatment ensures that you and your family spaces are in healthy condition.

We use the latest environmentally friendly disinfection technologies to eliminate all germs, viruses, odors, bacteria and molds harmful to the air and surfaces, the products we use are registered by the EPA in the hospital grade classification.