Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

What lives on your couch?

Living rooms are the most common living spaces in any home. There is no better feeling than collapsing on that comfortable sofa after a long day and having a snack. Have you ever wondered what’s on that couch that we sit on? One would think that it is made only of foam and air. Little do we know that food crumbs, body fat, dust, dirt particles and microorganisms are the components of soil commonly found trapped within the upholstery. They create the perfect living and breeding environment for mites, viruses, bacteria and allergens. A 2013 study found that there are more germs on the common household sofa than on the toilet seat. Therefore, cleaning the sofa is very important.

Did you know?

You spend 20%
of your average life on a couch

Your sofa is 7x dirtier
than the toilet seat

You must clean your sofa
every 6 to 12 months


Healthier family

Bacteria-free environment

Increased immune system

Allergy and asthma reduction

Breathing easier

Peace of mind

Unlike other companies, BioSanitized sofa cleaning is the most advanced deep cleaning and sterilization process developed in the USA.

Using the best chemical-free and dry sanitation treatment in the world ensures that you and your family’s spaces have the best health conditions.

We use the latest environmentally friendly disinfection technologies to eliminate all germs, viruses, odors, bacteria and molds harmful to the air and surfaces, the products we use are registered by the EPA in the hospital grade classification.