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Medical grade sanitizing


During this unprecedented period, everyone is looking for ways to keep their teams, families and clients safe. For all these important reasons, biosanitized can offer professional daily, biweekly, bimonthly and monthly hygiene and disinfection schedules.

One way to keep your precious environment safe is to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces regularly. biosanitized® uses the most effective hospital-grade methods to disinfect, sterilize and sanitize air and surfaces

biosanitized® uses disinfectants with virucidal, germicidal and fungicidal biodegradable action registered at EPA hospital grade and certified by GREEN SEAL as safe for humans, children, animals and plants, and are approved for use on all non-porous surfaces. This process will rid your environment of germs, viruses, fungi and bacteria to eliminate 99.999% of the contaminants our agents come in contact with.

Biosanitized is the industry leader in eliminating germs, flu, viruses, pathogens and harmful bacteria.

Biosanitized Certificate Seal


The recommended period of sanitization and disinfection for high traffic public spaces is at least EVERY WEEK. Biosanitized

Industrial construction More than 100 employees Limited public access

Once a Week

Special Indoor Event, Conference or social gathering

On Before and after the event

Commercial building More than 50 employees Moderate Public access

Twice a week

Bar, Gym
More than 200 people Heavy public access


Residence for a single family
Family of Four

Once a Month

Retai space More than 20 customers per day

Every two weeks

Commercial building Less than 20 employees Limited public access

Every two weeks

New Homes
Vehicle Rental

Once per user / buyer / flip

Your sanitization and disinfection regiment is crucial ... Due to the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses that cause disease, regular treatments are important. Schedule Your Treatment Now

Who needs a biosanitized® environment?

We are not a conventional cleaning service - we specialize in destroying germs in the air and surface

Safe and Efficient

Our sanitization and disinfection process is extremely safe and very effective. Powerful enough to destroy 99.999% of germs and viruses that cause disease. We never use acidic agents or agents that contain bleach. All of our agents are industrial-strength virucidal disinfectants, germicides and biodegradable antibactericide and certified by the hospital-grade EPA, determined to be the most effective in eradicating infectious pathogens.

Technology and Process

Our biosanitized® technology and processes are partly unique because we use hospital disinfection techniques and professional medical grade equipment combined with our specialized sanitizing and disinfection solutions.


All team members are checked and have training in hygiene, decontamination, chemical safety, medical waste disposal, biological risk and disinfection techniques, we use the right products with precise methods, we have exclusive processes with (Patent pending) our results exceed the recommendations of CDC - EPA- OMS.

Live healthy

We offer safe, sustainable and headlthy living solutions for all areas of your home
and company, including air and surfaces, using the most advanced technologies, sevices and ecological products

Healthier family

Bacteria--free environment

Increased immune system

Allergy and asthma reduction

Breathing easier

Peace of mind

We are not a conventional cleaning service - we specialize in destroying germs from the air and surface

We protect your guests and environments from bacteria, viruses, fungi, odors and infectious diseases that hide in critical areas of difficult access where standard methods fail.


What The Healthy Ones
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Emma Scarlett


‘‘So glad l decided to go with Biosanitized, I got quotes from other companies and they were almost TWICE as expensive. Being a single working mom l needed something that worked around my busy schedule. Biosanitized came out the SAME day and did a great job!’’

Jhonny Miller


"My business was close due Covid-19 for 3 months. When we got the okay to open, I knew I had to find a reliable partner to help keep my business safe and sanitary. Biosanitized gives my customers the trust and confidence they need seeing Biosanitized Sanitary Certificate they gave me, right on my front window."